Money Beliefs

In my opinion there are very few things that can hold you back more in life than poor beliefs about money. Beliefs such as Money is the route of all evil, Rich people are ass-holes etc. These types of beliefs are usually the cause of people close to us during our younger years, for example our parents and teachers. I’m going to address both these beliefs in a moment but 1st I want you to think of what you say to yourself when you see a wealthy person. Do you say things such as, look at that posh tw@t? If that sounds like you, do you think that helps you feel better? Does it make you a good person? Or are you actually the one who is being a tw@t?

Some of our beliefs around money come from a political stance such as socialists. The idea is that people should be getting similar amounts of money. Sounds good on the surface but it has a problem and that is what money is. Before money became what we have today, money was just an exchange for something in return. A swap of some sorts. For example, I will give you this boat for your home, Then along came the Gold standard which isn’t too far from our money today. But what all these currencies have in common is they are given to the individual in exchange for an object or service and the amount given is the amount valued by the other individual. So to put it more simply, the amount of money you receive is the amount of value the other person/people deems you to give.

I hear you now shouting at the screen, why do Footballers get so much but a Nurse or Soldier receives so little in comparison? Sadly we value our entertainment more than what these hardworking and brave individuals give us. Of course it would be good if you or I could change this behaviour but we will be the minority and in reality we will more than likely only damage ourselves in the process. I don’t believe that footballers are over paid, because I know I couldn’t do it, I don’t have the skill or talent and my guess is, unless you are a Footballer, you don’t have the skill and talent to be one either. Of course I do shout at the TV when they miss penalties, ‘I could have scored that, you useless (explicit word)’. And that gets me back to the value aspect. Footballers manage to give more value because they have the ability to add value to more people. Through our Televisions and their Stadiums.

That’s how people become wealthy, they add value to a lot of people and in exchange people happily pay them a lot of money.

So is money the route of all evil? If you’re religious you might be jumping up and down right now shouting Yes. It’s in the Bible isn’t it? Not exactly, the Bible refers to the lust of money as being the route of all evil. Those who horde money. Not necessarily those who have a lot of money. They’re 2 types of rich people, those who hold onto money as if it were part of them and to lose it would mean losing themselves. Then they’re those who give and circulate money. The former is who the Bible refers to as Evil (Not my personal belief). The latter is the people who make the world go a around and give the most.

People such as Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Tony Robbins etc. These individuals are what we refer to as rich but these individuals add value to other peoples lives. By helping people with their big problems and they also donate far more to charity than you or I do. Not the definition I would use for someone who is evil.

If after reading this you still want to change the world and how money is disputed then fair play to you and I applaud you for doing so. But let me point out that the people who have the most power are those who are deemed successful. They are deemed to be more intelligent  regardless of whether is true or false. So my suggestion to you is to succeed at something 1st then use the power of success as a step to change the world and make it a better place to live in for generations to come.

I am not left of right wing in politics. I believe that those people who are willing to make a difference should be rewarded accordingly. I do not believe  that those to lazy to make a difference should be spoon fed but I also believe there should be help for those who need it most, those who have disabilities etc. That is the world that I want to l create and that is the legacy I would like to leave via my writings and teachings.
Ryan McCormack