How to Become Creative

It’s true that there are people who are just naturally creative. Those who are more right brained than the more logical left side. But it is also true that if you are not creative then how can you create Success? Becoming successful will always require some type of creativity at some point, So how can you learn to become creative?

You must learn to take off your clouded glasses and start paying attention more with an open mind. By doing that, our brains will pick up more information and then we can learn to look at this information logically and decide whether or not the information is true or false. We all have our beliefs and opinions which we believe to be true, but are they really true? And even if they are, is it the only truth? Looking at things with an open mind will allow us to find these things out, which will in turn allow us to become more creative. You can’t be creative when you can’t pay attention to the bigger picture. You can’t pay attention to the bigger picture when you are looking through clouded glasses.

We all distort the way we see the world

Our beliefs distort how we see the world and what we pay attention to and ultimately, what we ignore. But our beliefs may be false. So learn to be open minded. Never get involved with heated arguments, which can never be won. Instead ask the other person or persons, why they think that way and you’ll begin to understand their point of view, whether or not it is true or false.

It is looking at the world through clouded glasses that determines whether or not a person see’s the glass as half full or half empty. They are both looking at the exact same thing but their beliefs causes them to see or at least think of something completely different. Set you beliefs aside for one moment and start to see things for what they truly are. Objects that are neither true or false.

There’s always an alternative way of looking at something. Start looking at something from a higher point. Learn to watch and listen regardless of what your point of view is and what you see and hear just might challenge your point of view. You may be right but it’s not about who is right or wrong, it’s about the end result. Without an open mind how can you become creative? Without creativity how can you succeed?

We don’t know all the answers, some times we need to look outside of ourselves and listen to different people. People who we may think are wrong. But by becoming open minded we can become more creative.

There will be those who are more qualified to get the results that you want or need and when that happens, the most creative thing that you can do is to swallow your pride and opinions and get the required knowledge from them. Or get them to do the task for you if it is at all possible.

The more often you do this, the more creative you will become and the more success you will experience. If all fails you will be come a better person because of it.

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